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Special Extended Stays, Writers & Artists, Group Retreats

While we are a great place to come for a quick weekend, we also welcome a growing community of creative individuals coming to Meadow Villas for relaxation, inspiration, as a writer's retreat, spiritual retreat. or even for those on sabbatical. It is an ideal setting for an extended stay.

These days, with high speed Internet especially, it's possible to enjoy an extended stay away from the pressures that tend to sap creativity, while keeping as connected as you would like with important people and projects in other geographic locations. Though all our units are well equipped for extended stays, in particular, Tree House Villa is ideally suited for an individual or couple seeking a creative and productive retreat.

Availability for long term rentals is limited, so let's explore the possibilities with no obligation as soon as you think this may interest you. You'll find us flexible and accommodating. Call or use the contact form on this Website to learn about our special rates and to share your particular needs or requests.

On Sabbatical? Writing? Reflecting? Reconnecting?

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Come to Meadow Villas. Whether you are a professor on sabbatical, an aspiring writer looking for a private writers retreat, or simply at a time when you would like to deeply reflect on priorities and be refreshed - Meadow Villas has something for you.

Amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, fireplaces, writer's lofts, on site laundry facilities and inspirational decor make us appealing for longer term stays. Frankly, unlike more typical lodging, accommodating longer term stays is an important part of why we're here.

We know it isn't always easy to locate the right property for these special times in life - and much of what is called 'extended stay' - you actually might not want to be there long! That's why we have special accommodations for those on sabbatical, writing, pondering & becoming inspired for the next stages of life.



Group Retreats, Couples Getaways, Family Gatherings & Christian Retreats

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Consider booking several villas for your next group function. There are plenty of spacious rooms for comfortable group meetings and we also have extra meeting space available on-property at a larger facility as needed. (Call to make arrangements.)



Click here for more info on hosting your next group outing at Meadow Villas.